Should Have Been Here This Past Weekend!

No relief in sight on the weather.  Upper 90s today and 100s for Wednesday and Thursday.  The rest of the week looks like mid to upper 90s, with a chance (again) of showers over the weekend.  We had some sprinkles this past Sunday, but certainly not enough to do any good. 

Generation was off on Saturday, as predicted, then a low one generator the balance of Saturday and all day Sunday.  They did get the boards back up at Powersite, so we are back to the normal, one to two generators in the a.m. ramping up to three to four generators basically the balance of the day starting anywhere from 10:00 a.m. to noon.

As I said, the water was completely off Saturday morning.  Think they turned it on around noon, and then only a low one generator so you could still wade.  What a great day.  Jim had Ron and his son, Barrett, from Illinois on the water that morning.  They are both brand new to fly fishing and what a way to start.  After the normal instruction on roll casting, pick up and lay down cast, and line management, he rigged them up with a black zebra midge, and a brown scud with a blood worm dropper and let them catch fish.   They had a ball and caught lots of fish.  Stan and I went out for a couple hours and were tempted to drop a bare hook into the water to see if we could catch a fish on that, as they were taking everything we threw at them…..any color midge, soft hackles, cracklebacks, scuds, buggers.  Everyone deserves a day like this every once in a while!

Yesterday, Darrell took John from Illinois out for half a day.  We’re pretty much only doing 1/2 day trips with this hot weather.  Too hot to spend the whole day in the sun, even if the fish are bitting.  John is fairly new and wanted to learn a little more about fly fishing.  He had a good day and caught fish on the red San Juan worm and the white grub. 

Sheila - 21-1/4" rainbow - 7/25/11

 Carolyn had Jerry and Sheila, from Springfield, MO out for the morning.  This was Sheila’s second time fly fishing and she had a wonderful day.  Not only is her casting looking very good, but she landed a 21 inch plus fat rainbow among her many other catches of the day.  Jerry did a pretty good number on the fish also, but this was Sheila’s day.  He caught the big fish last trip!  Best patterns were the red San Juan worm under the big ruby midge and the white grub.

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