Hot Weekend!

Mid 90s today and upper 90s tomorrow and Monday.  No rain in sight until Thursday and it will probably be a chance of showers. 

Generation continues 24/7 with the lowest levels early in the morning.  Running 3-4 generators by noon with levels reaching 707 and above.  Good news, Table Rock Lake is now at 920.8….getting close!

Ralph - 7/7/11

Dana finished up the third day of fly fishing with Ralph from Texas on Thursday.  Ralph had a good three days and is looking forward to doing it again.  Some more folks from Texas, Fred and his son, Jeremy, spent half a day with Stan.  This was Fred’s first experience with a fly rod so lots of learning curve.  They did get a few fish to the boat on the silver bullet crackleback. 

Friday, Darrell took Mark and Nikkie out for the morning.  Another bunch from Texas.  Mark has always wanted to try fly fishing and I think both of them liked it…..even the one on the way.  Nikkie is seven months pregnant and I think the baby boy will take to fly fishing as soon as he can hold a fly rod!  Their best pattern was the red San Juan worm.  Carolyn had Bob, from Washington, and his grand daughter, Courtney, from Springfield, out for half a day.  Grandpa fishes the rivers in Washington and Oregon and was quite impressed with the quality of fish we have in Taneycomo.  Hopefully, we have a new fly fisher in the works.  This was Courtney’s first time with a fly rod and she did pretty darn good.  Best patterns were the cerise or red San Juan worms, holographic green crackle back and a rockworm caddis soft hackle.  We saw some rises in some slack water and Bob picked off several of these with the soft hackle or crackleback before they stopped. 

Courtney - 7/8/11

Bob - 19" Rainbow - 7/9/11

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