Hot, Tough Day on the Creek!

Yesterday was well into the 90s with heavy humidity.  Fortunately, the morning had some cloud coverage, but by noon, it was hot!  Stil looks like we will see some cooling over the next five days.  Low 90s today and tomorrow, upper 80s Thursday and Friday and back into the low to mid 90s Saturday and Sunday.  Slight chances of showers Wednesday through Friday…where is the rain then we want it?…

Generation, just like the heat, has been relentless.  Over the past eight days, we have only seen the generators off for six hours early Friday morning.  Somewhat of a pattern the past three days; low two generators in the morning until 6:00 or 8:00 a.m., then ramping up to a full two then low to high three generators.  Water is still dingy and when they crank up the last generator, it really gets dirty.

Darrell had Dwayne, from Texas, on the river Sunday morning.  Dwayne was surprised to see a river like this closer to home.  He fishes out West a lot.  They had a good day on the cerise worm and holographic green crackleback.

Fourth of July, Darrell had Tom  from Wildwood, MO out for half a day.  Fish were taking soft, so missed several fish.  Best pattern was the cerise worm.  Did also catch a few on the size 12 black zebra midge.  Carolyn had Jim and his wife Irma, out for half a day.  Irma is brand new, so we worked on the roll cast and the pick up and lay down cast before hitting the water.  Casting got better as the day went on and she has a natural feel for mending.  Unfortunately, I did not get her into very many fish to hook and play.  But when she got the opportunity, she did a good job!  Have to admit, it was a tough day for me finding fish.  The ones we caught were on the cerise worm.  Stan was on the water with a couple friends.  They too had a slow day.  Today is another day…it will chang!

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