Better Fishing Today!

No change in the weather.  Still have a slight chance of showers Sunday and Monday, but not much relief from the temperatures. 

Still looking forward to no generation this weekend while they work on the boards at Powersite Dam. 

Both Stan and Jim on the water half a day today.  They agreed that it fished better than it had the past two days.  Stan was out yesterday with Doc from Tulsa, OK.  Doc said “he needed an attitude adjustment”, so he spent the morning fishing.  Not a banner day as he is still trying to get over an accident he had over a year which messed up his hand and wrist pretty bad.  I think they figured out what he needs to do so he can keep fly fishing.  They caught fish on the ruby midge dropped below an orange San Juan and stripping a black holographic crackleback.

Today Stan had Ted and his son Brad out.  These new fly fishers are from Louisburg, Kansas and they like it!  They had a good day on a ruby midge, red San Juan worm, and stripping a wine holographic crackleback.  Jim’s guys, Bert and his son, Will, which he had out on Tuesday, definitely did better today, and pretty much on the same patterns.  Red midge, gray scud and pulling an olive sculpin.  They are hoping the water is off this weekend so they can get out there and catch some more fish.

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