And The Heat Goes On!

Yep…the heat goes on!  Heat advisory through Saturday night.  Expecting temperatures in the upper 90s; possibly low 100s with heat indexes in the low 100s every day.  Chance of showers Sunday into Monday. 

Still expecting the water to shut down some time Friday afternoon and stay off until some time on Sunday.  As I mentioned, this is the plan.  They are going to work on the boards at Powersite Dam.  Hope it happens!

Mike Thomas from Oak Grove had a wonderful morning on the river with Stan this past Monday.  He is a fairly new fly fisher, and they did quite a bit of work and catching with the black holographic crackleback and the flasher.  Also caught some drifting the red midge. 

Jim is back from his fishing trip up in Michigan.  Said it was almost as hot up there as here, so he came back a little early.  Put him on the river yesterday with Bert and his son, Will.  They had a good day on the red midge, a gray scud and the olive sculpin.  Bert is bring his other son to spend a half day on the river with Jim tomorrow. 

Still getting good reports from the outlets at the Hatchery area….but as fishing will have it, some days or times of the day are better than others.  Mainly the tan scuds and brown or tan egg patterns.

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