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Little bit of rain this morning.  Possibly of some more scattered showers later today.  Looks like partly cloudy, temps in the upper 80s to low 90s, and chances of showers all week.  Lake levels are now at 1128.85 for Beaver, Bull Shoals is 691.77, and Table Rock is 926.31.  Keep on dropping. 

Generation is completely off this morning on Table Rock Lake.  Can’t believe that!  Just had a friend call me….to make me feel good?!…said “everyone is catching fish standing in the river this morning.  Catching them on the ruby midge, cicada, crackleback, just anything”.  She then said, “the rebar has changed but there are a lot of people standing down there fishing, there’s one with a fish on, and another one with a fish on”…..So it goes.  I’m in the shop, can’t go fishing.  But, I can picture everyone standing in the river, rods bent with fish on and smiles on their faces.  

It’s been a pretty good and so-so few days on the river with the spastic generation patterns and dingy water.  Jim had Bud out all day Thursday.  They had a good day on the gray scud, red midge and sculpin bugger.  

Will With 18" Rainbow - 6/9/11


Gina had one of her red fish guides from Louisana, Will, on the water Thursday morning.  She got to show him the difference in trout fishing from red fish.  They had a great, fun day on the olive floozie and cerise worm.  This was his first fresh water trout experience.  Good start! 

Friday, the Louisana Kerrs were here.  Nice, good quality fish day.  Dawn spent the day with Carolyn and Albert and James Albert were with Darrell.   The cerise San Juan worm dropped under the big ruby midge were the best patterns, although we did catch a few stripping the crackleback.  It’s just in Dawn’ blood…stripping. 

Dawn & 19" Rainbow - 6/10/11

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