Crackleback Queen

Looked like chances of rain this evening and again tomorrow.  Temperatures are creeping up.  Low 90s tomorrow, but mid or better the balance of the week. 

Since Sunday morning we have seen non-stop generation.  The equivalent of three generators or a low four has been the level, so 10,000 cfs or better with levels in the 708.2 to as much as 709.3 feet.  Table Rock is at 923.1, so they are probably trying to get it down as low as they can before the fourth of July weekend. 

New fly fisher on the river yesterday.  Carolyn had John and his daughter, Ryanne, from Columbia, MO out for half a day.  Ryanne is brand new, so we worked a little on roll casting and line handling.  Started her out with an indicator over the big ruby midge with a cerise San Juan worm dropper.  Caught her fish on a fly rod with this rig.  However, as the day progressed, so did Ryanne.  Before the trip was over she was doing a good job of casting the sinking leader with the silver bullet crackleback and hooking up with fish.  John did best with the 56er on the sinking leader….Ryanne was dubbed crackleback queen as she could find fish with the crackleback when her Dad did not.  Not really counting, but I think she might have out fished him!….

Ryanne's 1st on a fly rod - 6/27/11

John - 6/27/11

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