Another New Fly Fisher!

Warm weather and no rain, the lakes are dropping.  We still expect to see low 90s through next Wednesday with chances of scattered showers Friday through Monday and again on Wednesday.  This morning, the various lake levels were:  Beaver – 1128.99, Bull Shoals – 691.86, and Table Rock – 926.66.  Table Rock is generating 24/7, but not necessarily all four units going all the time.  This morning we actually had two units going and the tailwater level actually was as low as 704.5.  However, not for long.  By 6:00 a.m., it was up to 706.8 and I have two more horns this morning so it is now up to 707.7 feet at 12:45 p.m. 

Wednesday, Gina took Joe and his 8 year old sun, Hunter, out for a half day of fly fishing.  Hunter looks like a natural.  He could get his fly like into the water and even mend.  Landed his first fish by himself on a silver bullet.  Fun day for everyone.  Best patterns were the silver bullet crackleback and a cerise San Juan worm.

Hunter Maddick - 6/8/11Joe Maddick - 6/8/11

Darrell had Jack and Karen from Tennessee on the water for half a day.  Jack fly fishes quite a bit, but Karen is brand new.  Their best patterns were the cerise San Juan worm, and a burgundy midge.

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