Update On Water Levels.

Looking at the affect of this last 10 flood gate opening, it looks pretty much as bad as when they opened them last month.  Not quite as much water, but still, you either have 3 feet of water in your home or five….what’s the difference?  We can only be thankful we are not in Joplin.  As least folks here know where their homes are.  Today at 8:00 a.m., Beaver Lake is sitting on 1128.99 feet.  This is about a 3′ drop from its level on 5/24 (1131.8′).  Table Rock is at 933.98 which is a slight drop and holding stable.  Bull Shoals in up about 2′ from the 24th at 696.10 feet. 

Some chances of showers today, tomorrow evening and into Saturday morning.  After that it looks like sunshine for several days.  Temperatures over the weekend are predicted to be in the 80s!  Dry out time!

Following is an excerpt from the Branson Tri-Lake News, May 25th edition:

Some good news – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to make no changes through Saturday in the release of water from Table Rock Dam.  The current release is 53,600 cubic feet per second.

Barring any major rainfall, the Corps can then begin reducing the release from Table Rock sometime Saturday.  The Corps wants Table Rock level to drop to 931 before cutting back on the releases.  At 9 a.m. today (Wednesday), the level at Table Rock was 933.72.

Table Rock is expected to crest at 935 feet above sea level tomorrow (Thursday)

According to Jim Sandberg, operations manager at Table Rock Dam, it will be August before Table Rock returns to normal operations and lake levels.  This is a longer period of time returning to normalcy than after the 2008 flood event.

The Table Rock basin received 1.5 inches of rain overnight.  Not enough to increase the dam release.

At Beaver Lake, which flows into Table Rock, the Corps plans to begin lowering the gates at the dam later today.  Beaver has already crested at 1131.8 and now falling. 

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