Much Better Sight!

Yesterday, around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m., they shut down the flood gates to 5!

Five Flood Gates - 5/1/11

Right now, Taneycomo is sitting at 713.3  feet, which is down about 14 feet from the 727 plus were were experiencing with the 10 gates.  Table Rock is holding at 930 feet and Beaver is still at 1129.  We will probably see some rise as yesterday evening brought us some heavier rains.  Looks like about an inch in most places.  My 50% chances of rain for today changed to 70-80%, so we will probably see some more rain today.  Forecast is for clearing tomorrow into the balance of the week.  Yeah!!

In addition to the many homes along the river which have been sitting in water up to their eaves, there are several homes along the river at Pointe Royale sitting on the edge of the banks.  The heavy water eroded away the trees and ground around several homes foundations and they are now in jeopardy of falling into the river.  Hopefully, with the cutback in water flow, these homes can be shored up and saved.  We just keep having to tell ourselves it could be worse.  Be thankful we are not in Alabama where more than property has been lost!

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