Light At The End Of the Tunnel….or Flood Gates!

Yes, they turned off five of the flood gates on Saturday.  Looking at the levels today, we might just see the other five shut down today or tomorrow.  At 8:00 a.m. today, Beaver is sitting at 1129.11 feet, Table Rock is 931.07 and Bull Shoals is 695.86. 

The weather even looks like it is going to be agreeable.  Today is going to be a pretty warm one in the upper 80s and lots of sunshine.  Monday will be partly cloudy and mid to upper 80s, Tuesday shows a chance of showers with temps again in the mid to upper 80s.  Partly cloudy Wednesday and upper 80s, and partly sunny Thursday through Saturday with temperatures in the upper 80s and lwer 90s.  That should help dry things out!

With the part of the flood gates off, we will be putting boats back on the water tomorrow.  Fish should be settled in by then and fishing pretty good.  Hearing from the fishers managing to get to the water up near the hatchery, they are catching fish, especially on the grey sowbugs and scuds.  Also heard of several white bass and a few other species being caught.

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