Great Way To Break In A New Rod!

Generation a bit weird Sunday.  Not certain what was happening, but levels seemed to go up and down and from some source, it was pretty dirty.  The sunny day turned pretty overcast and definitely windy

Jim finished up a two-day trip with John and his son, Josh, from Texas on Sunday.  They started out Saturday and caught quite a few fish on the red midge, and red San Juan worm.  Sunday, a streamer such as a size 6 sculpin worked best. 

David - 5/15/11

 Stan had David from Kansas out for half a day.  He definitely broke in his new rod when one of his first fish was this nice 18 inch rainbow.  They did well on the size 12 red midge, and P&P and as the water got dirtier, they changed to the cherise worm.  With these conditions, fishing was not as good as it has been.

Nice fish David!

Observation from being on the water Friday was the number of scuds in the water!  Everywhere you kooked along the banks were various size gray scuds. 

Talking to fishers coming into the shop, fishing in the hatchery area has been good.  Catching and seeing some nice fish.  Gray scuds, of course, have been working well.  Fisher yesterday afternoon said he had been doing well on the copper dun as well as a small flashy fly he ties which has an orange head.  Looked a little like a flashback orange scud in at least an 18, possibly a size 20.  Since they have been holding the tailwater for the past few days in the 706 to 707 range during the day, there is a little more room up there to fish.  Unfortunately today looks a bit higher….708.  We do have forecasts of rain starting Thursday afternoon and into the weekend.  Oh no!

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