Great Days Despite the Rain!

Got about 2 inches of rain Friday night.  So far, it has brought Table Rock up a little over a foot.  At 9:00 a.m. today, Beaver is sitting at 1129.66; Table Rock at 928.77 and Bull Shoals is 692.88.  Everyone do a “no more rain dance”.  Don’t need any more rain.  Forecasts today and Monday are temperatures in the low 80s, and, of course, chances of scattered thunderstorms.  Tuesday through Thursday look like upper 70s and chances of scattered thunderstorms every day.  By the weekend, we are looking at partly sunny skies and mid 70s. 

Gina had Dina and Kim on the river Thursday.  These ladies from Tennessee had a fun day catching on a cerise San Juan worm and the olive floozie.  Dina is already a fly fishing addict, but it was Kim’s first time.  Looks like she is a natural so we hope she stays with it.

Dina - 5/19/11

Kim - 5/19/11

Gary and Barry, from Lee’s Summit, spent all day Thursdaywith Stan.  Another good day for these guys on the cherise San Juan, the silver bullet crackleback and the size 16 red midge. 

Ben - 5/21/11

Yesterday, Jim and Carolyn had a couple boats full of some crazy guys.  Jim had Mac, from Branson, and Ben, from Kansas.  Ben is an avid fisherman, but had never been fly fishing.  Ben took to fly roding pretty fast and I think he likes it.  Carolyn has Corkie and Bill, both from Kansas out in the other boat.  Corkie had fly fished many years ago with his father and Bill hasn’t picked up a fly rod for a few year….a little rusty Bill.  Didn’t take too long for both of them to get back in the groove.  Jim’s guys were doing well on a size 6 sculping pattern, the red midge and red San Juan worm.  Carolyn’s guys did best on the cerise worm under the big ruby.

Corkie - 5/21/11Bill - 5/21/11

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