Five Flood Gates Opened…who cares, catching fish!

Five flood gates and four generators are still opened and will probably be for several weeks.  What a beautiful day!   Sunny, a little wind and lots of water!  Still have a chance of rain late this evening and tomorrow morning.  Slight, and let’s hope that is what it is.  Also, still a chance of isolated thunder showers Wednesday.  Temperatures will be hovering in the low 80s most of the time.  

Stan and I ventured out for our day of adventure today.  What a wonderful day!  Nice to get to fish together for a change.  Didn’t get on the water until around 10:30 a.m.   Slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and eventually got to the river.  Fog didn’t get off until late this morning anyway!  Rigged up with the big ruby and a cerise worm dropper and caught a fish within 5 minutes.  Whoa!  Gonna be a good day.  They didn’t hit the cerise worm again!  Anyway, drifted on down to another good looking spot, changed the worm for a P&P and caught another fish!.  However, what they really wanted was red.  Big red ruby with the size 16 tungsten beadhead d-ribbed red midge  dropper was the ticket under and indicater.  Hit another spot as we floated down and saw a few fish coming up.  Sounds like a sinking leader and crackleback or bug-eyed bugger to us.  Sure enough….bamb!  Lots of fish stripping.  We had a wonderful day on the water, catching fish, good time together, casual lunch and beautiful day.  We are ready to go fishing.   We know where they are and know what they are hitting.   Nice quality fish too.

Let's go fishing!

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