Yes, It’s Still Good!

No rain so far today, but I think we are supposed to get some rain tonight.  It has been another WINDY one, but that has not hurt the fishing.  We now have a chance of showers tomorrow.  Generation pretty much as projected.  It has been off today and projected to be off all day.  No generation until tomorrow at 6:00 p.m.

Dana on the water yesterday with a couple new fly fishers….they like it! 

Jessica's first Rainbow!

Jessica and Adam are from here in Missouri.  This was a graduation gift to Adam from Jessica. 

Adam & 16" Rainbow

Their best patterns were the rusty midge and the primrose and pearl midge. 

Joe, from Oklahoma, and his brother James, from Nixa spent all day Saturday with Stan.  Both good fishers and caught lots of fish on the primrose & pearl and rusty midges.  For some real fun time, they caught several on an insect green soft hackle, and a bunch on the holographic green crackleback. 

Folks coming into the shop today are grinning ear to ear.  Again, a bunch on the holographic green crackleback.  One fellow tore them up on a size 16 gray scud, and another on the rusty midge.  As I said, fishing is still good!

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