Windy Monday!

Another windy day this past Monday.  However, fishing was still very good.  Other than the wind, it was a beautiful day full of sunshine and mild temperatures.  Today was a perfect day, sunny, clear and no wind!  Looks like a repeat tomorrow with upper 70s and a little wind.  Forecast for Thursday is partly sunny, chance of rain and mid 70s, Friday rain chances again and upper 50s with Saturday cloudy and mid 50s.  Sunday lower 60s and cloudy with rain chances, and Monday rain chances again and upper 60s.  As we know in the Ozarks….this is all subject to change! 

Can’t believe it, but the generation schedule says no generation again tomorrow.  We had no generation today, just a little generation Monday late afternoon, with the generators off all weekend. 

Monday, Amy helped her father, Jim celebrate his birthday.  Michael and LeNora were along to help her.  They all went wading with Carolyn for a few hours.  This was LeNora’s first time, and she got the “hook” of it pretty fast.  Once we got through a few basics of the roll cast, pick up and lay down cast, mending, hooking and playing a fish, AND found the color midge the fish wanted that day, she was into catching.  Everyone had a little trouble with hook sets as they have been bass fishers for a while and the hook set just isn’t quite that hefty.  Everyone had a great time, hope Jim enjoyed his birthday as much as everyone else seemed to.  We had several doubles and a few triples on at the same time.  The olive size 18 zebra midge was the fly of the day.

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