Windy is the word for the weather this past week or more.  Temperatures have been pretty pleasant.  I think yesterday got into the 70s and it was partly sunny during the day, but the WIND.  Whoa!  Hard to make a decent cast!  Friday and Saturday look like temperatures in the low to mid 80s and partly sunny both days.  Sunday we have a chance of showers, but temperatures in the upper 70s.  Monday and Tuesday and partly sunny; temps Monday in mid 60s and Tuesday mid 70s.  Chance of showers again by Wednesday with temperatures in the upper 60s to lower 70s.  Water generation was off all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Generation of any significance did not come on 8:00 p.m. Monday.  Since then, we have seen the generation running from a low one generator up to a full two.  Today’s projection is for a low one, but I know they have had it at the equivalent of a low two earlier today, and it is now at the equivalent of one right now (10:30 a.m.)

Penny - 4/5/11

What can I say, but it has been WINDY on the river for days.  At least the temperatures are warm enough, the wind doesn’t make it bitterly cold.  And, fishing has been very good in the wind.  We will soon have a new resident in the Branson area.  Carolyn took Penny, who has been living in Alaska for many years, is moving to the area.  She has friends who live here and decided this was the place where she wanted to relocate.  After fishing Taneycomo Tuesday and Wednesday, she has just another good reason to settle here.  Fished good and solid all the time we were on the water.  At one time, when she was stripping the holographic green crackleback, if she went two casts without a hit of fish, we checked to make sure she still had a fly on her line.  The other good patterns were the large ruby and the size 18 ruby as a dropper.  Lots of small fish, but also a good number of larger fish ranging from 17 inches up to 18-1/2 inches.  As you can see, nice and fat and the colors are good. 

Stan had Paul and his friend, Ken, out for half a day yesterday afternoon.  They also did very well on the size 18 ruby midge, plus the size 16 red midge, holographic green crackleback and a red ass soft hackle.  Great day other than the wind.

Just as a side note, the red buds are in full bloom and the dogwood trees along the river are really starting to pop.  Probably be in full bloom over the next few days, especially since the weather will be warm.

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