White Caps On Taneycomo!

Have had chances of rain all week.  Fortunately, it has hit us late in the day so everyone is getting in some fishing time.  Forecast for the next several days still includes chances of rain, but looks like we are going to dodge the bullet today and possibly most of tomorrow.  Let’s hope.  Just got off the phone with one of the guides out today and he said “we have white caps coming right up the river on Taneycomo”!  Think I mentioned that they ran water all day last Saturday and Sunday.  Ran a little Monday morning then shut it down around 10:00 a.m. and left it off until Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.  Ran all day yesterday and off this morning at midnight.  Projection for today is off all day. 

Fishing has been very good.  If you can sneak in between the wind and rain drops, you’ll be a happy camper. 

Jim on the water for a half day last Sunday.  He had a Jim from Mississippi who wanted to learn how to fly fish.  They had a good day learning and catching.  Fished the holographic green crackleback, a size 10 sculpin and a red San Juan worm. 

Monday was a floatathon.  Bill, from Oklahoma, spent half a day with Jim.  Good trip on pretty much the same patterns as Sunday, plus the red midge.  One of the Dallas, Texas fly clubs descended on us Monday.  The morning started out a little slow as they shut down the water around 10:00 a.m.  Once things settled down, everyone got into a lot of fish.  Dan (president of the club) and Lou, spent the day with Stan.  They had a great day on the olive zebra and copper dun midges.  Darrell took Tim and Richard.  Their boat caught lots of fish on the black head/olive midge, gold head/olive midge and a rusty midge.   Rich and Jim fished with Dana.  Good day for them on the rusty and red midges.

Rich - 4/18/11

Jim - 4/18/11


Meanwhile, Carolyn’s boat was bringing up the rear.  Charlie and Russ spent the day catching with her.  In addition to the copper dun and olive midges, we caught a few on the holographic green crackleback and an olive soft hackle.  Tough not to throw when you see those fish sipping.

Charlie - 4/18/11

Russ - 4/18/11


Tuesday was another great day for Bud and his brother, Gary, from Indiana.  They spent the day with Stan.  Gary is pretty new to the sport, but picked up quickly and both of them really enjoyed stripping the holographic green cracklebacks.  Also caught a lot of fish on the primrose & pearl midge.  A fast moving storm flared up around 4:00 p.m.  We called them from the shop to advise them let them know a storm was coming with possibility of a tornado, so Stan rowed like a mad dog to the takeout and they got out just as the first sprinkles of rain started falling. 

Everyone coming into the shop is catching.  Small tan or gray scuds, sizes 18 and smaller are working up near the Hatchery as well as the midges.  Olive wooly buggers and other various soft hackles are also working.

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