The April Showers?!? Have Arrived!

These aren’t showers….they are monsoons!  Lots of rainfall since Thursday.  Few hours breaks here and there, but then the sky opens up again.  Last I heard, we have chances of rain through Wednesday.  Temperatures will be pretty much in the 60s, but rain.  

Although the projection for today was low generation this morning and there was none projected for yesterday, they fired up the generators around 5:00 p.m. yesterday and they were still running as of 7:00 a.m. today.  They are running 3 to 4 units with the tailwater level at 707.8 feet.   I would not be surprised to see it running all day today and probably tomorrow.  Table Rock Lake is sitting at 917.3, up almost three feet since Friday. 

Before the rain really affected the river, fishing was still very good.  I am certain it will still be good, but probably a little more difficult to get to unless you have a boat or webbed feet!  Stan on the water Thursday with Dwight and his friend, Phil.  These guys are from up north in Missouri and Dwight has fished with us a couple times before.  This was Phil’s first experience and probably one he will not forget.  First time out and he hooks a beautiful 20 inch rainbow.   Unfortunately, Thursday was another WINDY day with 30 mph gusts.  Stan said they had white caps rolling upstream.  Fortunately, they did have a good day.  Boated lots of fish on the primrose & pearl midge and the holographic green crackleback.  

Phil - 20" Rainbow - 4/21/11

Dwight - "slippery little thing!"

Friday, Ken and Cindy, from Maryland, took a learning/catching trip with Carolyn.  They had never fly fished before, saw lots of people catching fish earlier in the week on Taneycomo, and thought this looked like a fun thing to do.  Think they like it!  We started out with the basics, roll cast, then pick up and lay down cast, mending, recognizing a hit, hooking, and playing in a fish.  What fun!   Unfortunately, before we got off the water, the wind came up and I think at times they thought tippet and leaders were spider webs trying to wrap around everything in sight!  Good day on the copper dun, then the primrose & pearl and finished up with the ruby midge.  Cindy is a potential “stripper”.  She liked stripping the holographic green crackleback on which she caught several fish.

Cindy - 4/22/11

Ken - 4/22/11

Ken & Cindy working on roll cast

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