It’s Not Pretty!

Table Rock lake level has risen to 935 feet.  This is a little higher than the Corp had projected, but it has been very difficult for them to get a good prediction due to the additional rain and runoff Table Rock is experiencing.

Below is a picture of Table Rock Dam after they increase the amount of water being released through the flood gates from the day before.  This happened around noon on Tuesday.

     Increased release through flood gates 4/26/11
Looks like there will be a lot of clean up after the water goes down.  Following pictures are of the parking area at outlet 2, the parking upsteram at outlet 1, and the shelter house and restroom below outlet parking area.

Parking area outlet 2 -04/26/11

Parking area outlet 1 - 4/26/11

Shelter house & restroom - 4/26/11

For those of you who have taken guide trips with us, this is a different view of the boat ramp where we launch the drift boats.

MDC Boat Launch Ramp -04/26/11

Last, but not least, everyone is inquiring as to what affect this is having on Branson Landing.  As of this morning, the Bass Pro boat dock, which was located upstream from the restaurant, broke loose and is now floating down Taneycomo.  Below is a picture of the parking garage for the condos located on the downstream side of the water show area.

Condo parking garage - 4/26/11

Many homes and businesses along the river have either been evacuated or advised to be ready to evacuate.  We need some sunny, rain free days so the water can start backing off.  Everyone…stay safe out there!

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