At Least An Inch Of Rain!

Looks like we got at least an inch of rain early this morning.  Thunder and lightening woke me up!  Little cool today, think our high is forecast in the mid 50s with cloudy most of the day and it is a little windy….what’s new?!  Saturday’s forecast is partly cloudy and mid 60s, with Sunday mostly sunny and lower 70s.  Both Monday and Tuesday there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms and temps Monday in lower 70s with Tuesday in the lower 80s.  Both Wednesday and Thursday look like upper 60s, partly cloudy and chance of showers. 

Other than yesterday, we have seen wading water every day over the past five days.  Monday afternoon they turned on a couple generators for three hours at 7:00 p.m. and Wednesday afternoon they turned on three generators at 6:00 p.m. and kept some level of generation through the night and into and all day yesterday.  Off early this morning and projected to be off all day.

Stan on the water for half a Tuesday with KC and David from West Virginia.  First time they fished with us in 2003, KC was trying to get her husband hooked on fly fishing.  Good sign, they have been back since and again Tuesday, so I think she has succeeded.  The early part of the morning fished pretty slow, but Stan said a light went on at 11:00 a.m. and the fishing took off.  Good day on the P&P and rusty midges, and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Ben from Kentucky, was on the river with Jim for a half day outting too.  Jim and Ben forked on casting, line work, hook setting and playing the fish.  Sore mouthed several fish and brought in several fish on the P&P, blood worm and size 12 olive bugger. 

Wednesday was a beautiful day.  Clear sky, little wind and mild temperatures.  Jay and Leslie, I believe now from the Branson area, and Bob and Kathy, also from the area, decided it was time to learn how to fly fish.  So, Carolyn took the ladies, and Jim took the guys.  Got some new fly fishers in the area!  Leslie and Kathy, after working on their roll cast, pick up and lay down cast, mending and other line management techniques, had a great day on the P&P midge.  Still need some practice on keeping the wrist straight on the back cast, but they are definitely coming along well.  Jim had the guys, Jay and Bob, after their work session on casting and line management, false casting so they could do some stripping work.  They were getting fish on the holographic green crackleback.  Fun day!

Leslie's first - 4/13/11

Kathy's first - 4/13/11

Back to the salt mine for Ben on Thursday.  A little more work on everything and then Jim had Ben catching on the olive bugger, red midge and a gray scud. 

Broken record here.  Fishing and catching is very good.  You better dust off the fly rod and go fishing!

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