And Another Good Day On The Creek!

Can’t believe they left the water off most of the week and then ran the equivalent of one generator all weekend!  They must not be fly fishers!  Still seeing lots of wind too.  Yesterday morning was overcast, cool (40s) and windy.   By the afternoon, it cleared up, the wind stopped and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Today is sunny, but windy.  Expect temperatures in the 70s tomorrow and partly sunny.  Tuesday, chance of isolated thundershowers and 80s.  Wednesday looks like partly cloudy and 70s.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday, are currently forecast for temps in the 60s to 70s, partly cloudy and chances of isolated thundershowers. 

Three boats out yesterday.  Jim had Tony and Mike from the St. Louis area out for a long half day float.  They had a good day on the red midge, red San Juan worm and a size 10 olive bugger.  Ed, also from the St. Louis area, and Malcolm, spent the day with Darrell.  They had a busy day catching on thr red midge and the holographic green crackleback.  John and John, from Columbia, MO. spent the day with Stan.  They also had a busy day catching on the red midge, holographic green crackleback and the primrose & pearl midge.  Temperatures was only 44 degrees when they started out and the hot soup for lunch hit the spot!

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