Turned Out To Be A Good Day


Pretty ugly weather Wednesday and part of yesterday.  However, it did turn out to be a nice afternoon yesterday and the projection for today and tomorrow look good.  Think we will be upper 50s to mid 60s both days.  Sunday and Monday with the temperatures in the upper 50s might see some showers, then back to sunshine and 60s or better for the rest of the week.  Now for generation, we had pretty much a low one generator most of yesterday.  Same projection for today.  Let’s hope, with the nice weather projected for tomorrow, that we will get a chance to do some wade fishing!

reeWhat started our to be a cold, overcast, blustery day ended up to be a great day!  Sun came out, wind shut down a little and fishing was very good for Frank, from Belton, who spend yesterday on the water with Jim.  Beautiful 18 inch rainbow in gorgeous color!  Lots of fish on the size 14 red midge, a size 12 gray scued and both a size 6 and 12 bug-eyed bugger.  Frank has already booked his return for October. 

Reports are still good from most of the people coming into the shop.  And, lots of patterns are working. 

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