Spring Day And It’s Not Yet Spring!

Don’t know what to tell you but they are running water today.  So far, it is running pretty close to what they projected!…..low one generator.  If it stays at this level, good level for wading.  At 6:30 this morning, the tailwater level was holding steady at 703.0 feet.  The number of units was equivalent to a low one.  Weather is going to be great again today.  Generation for tomorrow is projected to be the same as today.  Whether they will follow it again remains to be seen.  Of course, they plan to run generators in the a.m. for a while then shut them down on Monday!  No, it does not make sense.  No generation, but the possibility of rain on Monday. 

Rodney and beautiful rainbow!

Good day on the water for Rodney from Kansas, who took a 1/2 day float with Stan yestersday.  Still catching lots of “dinks”, but fortunately, mixed among them are also some nice fish.  The pattern of the day was the size 16 rted midge.  Did pull some streamers, but the midge was it.  Sunny, 72 degrees, no rain, but a bit of wind.

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