Rainy Day….Catch Up Time!

We went from summer to winter almost overnight!  80s on Thursday and upper 30s on Saturday!  Forecast for the next few day doesn’t look great.  Could probably say it was more typical spring weather than anything.  Mid 40s and partly cloudy tomorrow, with chances of showers Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and temperatures from mid 40s to low 50s  Thursday we start looking up with mid 50s, partly cloudy and then partly sunny and upper 50s or better by Friday.  One forecast I saw even said 70s by Friday.  That remains to be seen. 

Generation still erratic….what’s new.  Lots of off time Wednesday (and fishing was great)!  Thursday was off in the morning until 6:00 a.m., on for four hours, then off for 5-6 hours and back on.  Yesterday, with a projection of low one all day, we actually saw off from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. then back on.  Off this morning and running about the equivalent of one generator now.  Started up around noon, pretty much as projected.  Projection for Sunday is low one all day then off most of Monday. 

Missed posting a trip Stan had out last Monday.  Gus and Dianne walked into the shop and said they wanted to go fishing.  So, Stan saddled up and off they went.  Very good day on the water for these two fly fishers from Illinois.   Lots of fish on the holographic green crackleback as well as a couple versions Dianne ties.  When they weren’t stripping, the primrose & pearl did its job.. 

Wednesday, Betty and Phil spend half a day with Stan.  Another one of those WINDY days which dealt these new fly fishers a bit of a fit.  However, they still caught lots of fish on the holographic green crackleback and primrose & pearl midge.  Meanwhile, Dean and Gary from Kansas spent the day with Dana.  They too were having a very good day on the primrose & pearl midge.

Dean - 3/23/11

Garu - 3/23/11

Thursday, Stan and Dana had a group out from Texas.  All are pretty new fly fishers.  As a matter of fact, Caroline caught AND touched her first trout!  Caroline and Todd spend the half day with Dana, and Stan worked with Johnny.  Although fishing was not as good as Wednesday, this group still had a good day on the water and caught more trout than they have so far.   

Caroline's first - 3/24/11

Todd - 19" - 3/24/11



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