Low One Generator Projected For Weekend!

Weather continues to be great!  Saturday has a chance of showers and/or thunderstorms.  Sunday through Tuesday looks like partly sunny and temperatures in the 70s.  Whoa!  Generation for the past two days has been a low one generator, as projected, and looks like that will be the projection through the weekend.  Monday, of course, they are projecting no generation ALL DAY! 

Jim had a treat Thursday.  He took Mike and his 11 year old son Connor out for a half day float.  It was mainly an instructional trip as Connor is pretty new at this fly fishing.  Good day on the water for both Mike and Connor.  Caught fish on the size 10 olive sculpin, the size 16 red midge and a grey sowbug.  Mike and Connor are from Kansas.  Neat young man.

Jim - 18 inch Rainbow

Jim, from Arkansas, took a half day instructional trip with Carolyn.  Great start to his fly fishing passion.  Comments throughout the day were “this could be addictive” , “this is additive”.  Had a great day after I stop beating him up on “don’t bend your wrist” and, ‘MEND”!  Normal comments to any new fly fisher.  He was throwing a good like by the end of the day….most of the time, and did well on hooking most of the fish and bringing them in.  He was able to work the indicator system as well as pulling streamers well by the end of the half day.  Two 18 inchers and lots of other nice fish on the primrose & pearl, rusty brown midge, sculpin, olive bug-eye bugger and the holographic green crackleback.  Like most…he loved stripping!

Jim had a regular, regular, Bud on the water for a half day.  Bud says he is keeps coming back as he is trying to finish college….fishing college!  He learns something new every time he takes a trip.  They had a great day on the size 10 dark olive bugger and a size 16 red midge.

Susan - "Fish On!" - 3/18/11

Stan had David and Susan out for half a day.  These new fly fishers are from North Carolina.   There was never a doubt when Susan had a “Fish on”….you could hear her from a mile away…well may 30-50 feet!  What a great time they had.  More fish than they had every caught.  Pattern was the size 16 red midge. 

With a low run generation the better part of the day, most  folks were  having a good day on the water.  Midges, San Juan worms, scuds and sowbugs, as well as a diverse selection of streamer patterns were working.  A little wind in the afternoon, but overall, the weather was great as was the fishing.

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