Has Spring Sprung?

From the temperatures and looking at all the blooming trees along the river, it looks like Spring has sprung.  Temperatures continue to be in the 70s.  Chance of showers tomorrow, probably late in the day, which will cool us off a little Wednesday, 60s, back into the 70s and rain chances moving in again for the weekend.  Long ways off…we’ll see.  As I posted yesterday, the generation schedule must have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.  Instead of running all day both Saturday and Sunday, they shut them down Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and kept them off except for maybe a couple hours at 7:00 p.m.  Off all day Sunday until a little after 4:00 p.m.  Projection was for off all day today and we know they fired up at least two at 6:00 a.m.  It is, at least from observation off right now and it is 11:30 a.m.  To be continued….

Saturday on the water was rough!  Wind was blowing solid right up the river and, there was no flow so very difficult to get a good drift.  Jim was out all day with Dwan and Robert from Kansas  They have fished with us almost every year since 2006.  They worked hard, mainly trying to cast and keep a good drift, and turned it into a pretty good day.  Best patterns were a size 18 black zebra , a size 18 black thorax and a size 12 Sculpin bugger.   Meanwhile, Stan and Carolyn had a birthday Father and his three daughters on the water.  Ted, Kristyn and Lora are from Kansas and Emily is from New Mexico.  Everyone except Emily was new to fly fishing.  What a day to show new fly fishers how to fish!  Even a roll cast would wind up in never-never land.  Despite our difficult conditions, everyone caught fish on the size 16 red midge, the size 18 copper dun and primrose & pearl midges.  Gotta say everyone was a real trooper! 

Yesterday, Stan, Jim and Dana had the French family, Jera, Steve, Matt, Josh, and Hunter, also from Kansas (must have been Kansas weekend) on the river all day.  Weird day.  The morning certainly fished tough for all the boats.  After lunch, most of them started picking up some fish and had a good day on the primrose & pearl midge.  Stan introduced Steve to soft hackle fishing, which he liked, as well as pulling awooly bugger.  Matt and Josh, with Dana, pulled a nice 18 inch plus Rainbow out along with several other nice fish.  Many of the fly fishers coming into the shop said they had a tough morning.  Couple of the guys said they weren’t ever seeing the fish swimming around their feed like they normally do when wading.  Did pick up for most in the afternoon and one of the main patterns was the primrose & pearl midge.

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