Fun Day Trying To Learn Spey and Switch Rod Casting!

Pretty cool weekend!  Saturday maybe reached the low 40s, but it was windy and cloudy all day.  Yesterday started out as a repeat of Saturday, but it did clear up in the early afternoon and the sun warmed things up nicely.  Today looks like cloudy and low 50s.  The rest of the week looks promising…..after Tuesday.  Forecast for Tuesday is thunderstorms and mid 50s.  Wednesday will be partly cloudy and upper 40s, Thursday, SUNNY and mid 50s, Friday partly cloudy and mid 60s, weekend sunny to partly cloudy and upper 50s both days.  Generation continues pretty consistent.  On in the mornings for a while, then off until late afternoon.  They did project generation all day Sunday, which was true, the difference was the amount of generation.  Projection for for a low, and in fact they ran a low two generators all day.

What a fun day we had Saturday.  Despite the no so great weather, several folks showed up and enjoyed a very interesting presentation on steelhead fishing by our two guests from Michigan, John Gouker and Jim Haeck.   After the presentation, everyone went to the river where the two guys demonstrated switch rod and spey casting.  I think everyone tried their hand at it.  Verrry interesting!  And, lots of fun trying to swing those long rods and differently configured lines across the water.  But, it can be done!  Got a lot of practicing to do.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and thank you guys for giving us something new to learn and lots of great information.

Jim on the water yesterday for a half day with Dirk from Arkansas.  Dirk is a fairly new fly fisher, so Jim was in his element.  Worked on casting, mending, line work and hook sets.  Sounds like they could have used a little more work on hook sets.  Missed and lost a lot of fish, but good news, they also landed fish!  Best patterns were the red midge, gray scud and a size 10 olive bug-eyed bugger.  Dirk learned a lot and had a great day on the water!

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