Beauty And The “Dinks”

Beautiful weather over the weekend, especially Saturday, but they ran one generator up and down both days, all day.  Rainy and crummy weather yesterday, but the water was off.  Make sense?  Good news, weather is shaping up…in the 50s today with sunshine AND the water is off.  Looks like they are back to their generators on in the a.m. for 3-4 hours; off the balance of the day until 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. then on for a while in the evening.  Weather for the rest of the week looks nice.  Temperatures to be in the 60s or better.  Rain might be creeping back in for the weekend.

Most of the fishers I talked to who were fishing were having Saturday and Sunday were having  a tough time.  Even talked to Lamar, who owns Scotty’s boat dock in Branson and he said fishing was off over the weekend.  Once the water shut off yesterday a different story.  Great fishing yesterday.

Stan and Jim had a family from Kansas on the water for a half a day Sunday afternoon.  Stan took Keith, and Jim took Michelle and their son, Linn.  Michelle and Linn are fairly new fly fishers, so Jim worked with them on both streamer and indicator presentations.  Also some casting and hook setting.  Boated quite a few fish on a size 12 bug-eye bugger, size 16 red midge and a size 14 grey scud.  Keith had a good day on just the size 16 red midge.  First fish on was a nice 17 inch rainbow.  Although catching lots of nice fish, there are still lots of “dinks” mixed in with the beautiful rainbows.

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