That is the only word to describe what has occurred in only one week.  If I remember correctly, last Thursday, maybe it was Wednesday, as I was driving to work, I looked at my car outside temperature and it was 6 degrees below zero.  Today, as I was driving to work…same time, 7:30 a.m., it said 62 degrees!  What a difference a week makes.  What a weather change.  All week, it has been abolutely wonderful.  Temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and today in the 70s.  Think it is going back to 60s tomorrow, and 50s over the weekend and into next week.  Very little generation most of the week until today!  They projected a low one generator all day, but in fact ran the equivalent of two generators using three.  Projection for tomorrow is a low one generator until noon, when they will, according to the projection!..turn it off for 7-8 hours.   We will see what, in fact, they do run tomorrow….to be continued……

Fishing has been very good, almost great.  Talking to lots of fishers and most of them are catching lots of fish and several of the ones they are catching are in the upper teens to twenty inch range.  Beautiful rainbows, full color and good size.  Catching on lots of patterns.  One fisher came in yesterday and he had a great time on a yellow humpy.  Olive leech pattern, olive wooly buggers, primrose & pearl midge, dark color sculpin, light gray scuds, white and olive 100th oz. jigs, McCune sculpin as well as the olive wool head sculpin.   And, of course, the holographic green crackleback!  Had one customer call me today to say how great the fishing was.  He and hie wife caught several rainbows in the upper teens and 20s on the holographic green crackleback yesterday.  Said fish were taking them dry as well as stripping sub-surface.   They were really excited and happy, as are many other fishers.  Even with the water running today, and limited space for many fishers to wet a line, those fishing were catching good numbers of fish.

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