And Another Spring-Like Day!

Every day we have like the weather we are getting is just one less day of winter weather!  Sounds good!  Yesterday did turn out to be a nice day and, so far today, it is very nice.  Upper 40s on my way into work this morning.  Still cloudy, think we might get some rain, but temperatures are predicted to be in the 70s.  Tomorrow looks like lower 50s with possibility of showers.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all look nice…mild temperatures.  Friday possibility of showers, and guess what!  Looks like lower 40s and possibly showers for our Open House on Saturday.  Boo! Hiss!  We will see; that is a ways off. 

Generation has been off since yesterday morning.  Projected to be off all day today and tomorrow morning.  Some generation late tomorrow afternoon, probably around 6:00 p.m.  We are now seeing the run off from the rains we had last week.  Table Rock Lake is just 3/10s of a foot short of coming up a foot.  The level this morning is 907.6 feet.

Selina's first fish on a fly rod

Stan had a new fly fishing couple from Iowa on the water yesterday.  Marty and Selina spent a half day, first learn a little about casting and line management.  The rest of the day they spent hauling in fish.  Good day.  Best patterns were the rusty in the a.m. when it was still overcast.  Once the sun started peeking out, the primrose and pearl midge finished the trip.

It was soo pleasant out yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the boat ramp and tossed a floozie into the water.  Caught a couple fish on this, a few on a holographic green crackleback and then had to try a dark olive soft hackle.  Fish were popping everywhere.  Unfortunately, they did not want my soft hackle and it was getting pretty dark so I packed up and went home.

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