Wish I Knew Another Tune!

Wish I knew another tune, but, the water is running.  However, guess this is pretty normal.  Run generators during the week to keep power going for heating.  We did see them off this past weekend.  Thank you very much! Weather continues to cooperate.  40s the past two days and expect to see that again today and probably into Saturday when it could be even a little warmer.  But remember, what goes up must come down.  Sunday’s forecast looks like 30s and at this time, a possibility of some moisture of some kind.  Projection for today is…..water is running!  It will run between the equivalent of two generations and one generator all day.  

Stan on the water yesterday with Phil, who recently became a full-time resident of the area.  Phil moved here from Kansas and “welcome to the area Phil”!  He drug along his long-time friend, Larry who had never fly fished before.  They had a good half day on the water with the red midge and pink San Juan worm dropper.  Used a few other patterns, but this seemed to be the most consistent.  Got a couple more boats hitting the water today.  We’ll see how they do.


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