What a Shame!

After we got over the shock of snow on Wednesday and Thursday, and the extreme cold, especially on Friday, what a great weekend.  both Saturday and Sunday were in the 40s, partly cloudy (sun peeked out several times) and very little wind.  Most of this week is supposed to be in the low to mid 30s with Friday hitting the mid 40s (we’ll see on that one!).  Although the generation projection said water running Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we have seen the same pattern as the rest of the week….on in the morning until 10:00-11:00 a.m. then off for 5-6 hours and back on in the late afternoon.  There was lots of wading time this weekend.  With the more than pleasant weather, it was a shame the projection stated the water would be running all weekend.

With the temperatures in the single digit on Friday morning, it was mutually agreed that a 10:00 a.m. start would be a little warmer.  Although low 30s was projected for Friday, don’t think it made it out of the upper 20s.  Stan took Jim from the St. Louis area and his son Matt, who lives in Colorado, out for a short full day float.  Again, they forcast the water running all day, but when they hit the water, it had shut down.  Other than cold, fished pretty good.  Grey scud and size 18 copper dun midge were the primary patterns they used all day. 

After the fly tying clinic Saturday morning (good turn out), fishing fever got the best of me, especially as nice as the day was, so I stopped at the boat ramp for a little while.  Fish were popping everywhere so I tried a holographic green crackleback….no takers.  Okay, let’s do a soft hackle.  One bump on the copper dun soft hackle, nothing on a P&P soft hackle, so out with the sinking leader and tied on a black wooly bugger.  First cast, hit, second cast, fish.  Stood there on the boat ramp and caught enough fish to satisfy my fever. 

Few fishers out today.  One came in this morning on his way home and said he had a great day on the dark gray scud at the rebar hole.  Another came in this afternoon and he had a slow day for a while, but finally started catching them with the black wooly bugger up near the outlets.

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