So Much for Yesterday’s Weather Forecast!

Not going to be in the 40s today.  Looks more like mid 30s and overcast most of the day.  Looking for SNOW!!! to start late tonight.  Right now they are forecasting 2-5 inches.  Sooooo…if you are one of those who likes to fish in the snow, here’s your chance!  It is cool, when the large, white, soft flakes are hitting the water.  All the sound is cushioned by the falling snow, so it is very quiet and soft.  Under the right conditions, the fish will think it is a blizzard hatch and you’ll see fish popping everywhere.  Anyway, so much for that.  Thursday will be in the upper 20s probably due to the snow cover.  Friday is still predicted to be sunny but temperatures will now be in the mid to upper 20s with Saturday sunny and mid to upper 30s.  Just a bit cooler than I showed yesterday.  Sunday and Monday are still a toss up with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, but moisture is still in the picture.  Generation continues along it routine of off for 5-6 hours in the late morning into the afternoon.

Reports from the river are still good.  With the cool weather we had yesterday, not too many fishers coming in, but those who did were having a good day, especially on gray scuds.  Still a few on the black wooly bugger.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for MARCH 5, 2011.  Get in on the drawing for a guide trip to fish for steelhead and a night’s stay in Michigan.  More to follow.

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