Pretty Snow Day!

We did get some snow over night.  So far, it is not too much and the roads are in good condition.  Temperature going to struggle to get into the low 30s today with more snow on the way late today and through the night.  They are saying a possibility of 1 inch more on top of the dusting we already have.  Temperatures will be in the 20s Tuesday and Wednesday, then a warming trend, into the 30s! Thursday and possibly 40s Friday and Saturday.  Right now, there is a possibility of moisture on Saturday.  Off water time both Friday and Saturday.  Yesterday they ran a couple geneerators all day starting at 5:00 a.m.  Generating right now but the projection is for it to be off around noon for five hours. 

Had a few groups of fishers in the shop yesterday.  Some had been fishing and were heading home; others just getting here and going fishing.  One father and son had a wonderful day on the water Friday.  Both had caught more fish than they had caught in a long time.  They were wading up in the hatchery area.  Another group was a mixed bag.  Some had had a good day fishing, but a few in their group said they spent a little too much time in the trees.  Scuds, tan fur balls and black wooly buggers were some of the patterns they had been throwing.  I stopped at the boat ramp Saturday around 3:00 p.m. to see circles everywhere.  Had to throw a line, which I did for 30 minutes or so.  Caught several fish on the ruby midge and the primrose & pearl midge.

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