For Every Day We Have Like Today…..

For every day we have like today, it is just one less day of winter weather.  Beautiful outside today!  It was in the 50s with lots of sunshine.  Water was off most of the day and projection is for it to be off almost all day tomorrow.  Weather forecast continue to be good through Saturday and then it looks like we have a cold from coming in again by Monday or Tuesday.

With the nice weather a few more people have been venturing out into the water.  Good reports coming in from most.  One of the guys said it fished better for him yesterday than today, but he still had a good day today.  Small tan scuds, 16 and smaller, olive wooly buggers, egg patterns and copper dun midges are what I am hearing the most.  I’m feeling an escape plan in the works.  Got to get out of here and go fishing!

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