“Deskunked” His New Fly Rod!

Cold front seems to be moving in a little faster than earlier predicted.  So, it looks like you better get to the river within the next two days if you can to beat the cold weather.  Forecast now is near 50 today, mid 40s tomorrow, 30s for a couple days but a possibility of snow on Sunday, then into the 20s for a few days.  Burrrr!  Sunshine today and tomorrow, however, we are going to have some wind today.  Probably blowing in that artic air!  A window of opportunity today from noon to 5:00 p.m. according to the generation projection.  Looks like no generation during this period. 

Gina and Stan took Dan, his son, Danson, and his son-in-law Jonathan out for half a day yesterday.  The last dine Dan fished with us it was his third time to have a fly rod in his hands.  He had definitely fallen in love with fly fishing, and he received a new fly rod for Christmas.   Yesterday was its first day on the water and as Gina said “He got the skunk off the new rod”.  Picture below is of his first fish on the new rod!  Stan took Danson and Jonathan.  Both of these guys are brand new to fly fishing.  Everyone did well and had a good number of fish on as well as making it to the boat!  Best patterns were the pink or cerise San Juan worms, dropped below the large ruby midge.

Danson & Jonathan - 1/5/11

Dan's first fish on new fly rod


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