70s in January!

Last week we saw temperatures creeping up into a grand finale of upper 60s on Friday and 70s on Saturday.  Today?…..40s, overcast and a little windy.  Forecast is not good.   Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 40s with showers in the afternoon, changing to freezing rain in the pm.  Tuesday low 30s with some kind of precipitation; Wednesday low 20s and windy; Thuesday low 20s and partly cloudy; Friday mid 30s and sunny.  If we can believe it, Saturday they are saying sunny, and low to mid 40s.  Generation has been pretty consistent.  Water on in the a.m. for a few hours and off by 10:00-11:00 a.m.  Off until 5:00-6:00 p.m.  With the wonder Friday we had, we were also fortunate that the generators were off all day!  They were also off all day Saturday and today just as projected by SWPA.  Monday looks like the on in the a.m. then off by 9:00-10:00 a.m for 8-9 hours. 

Lots of fishers out Friday.  Blame them?  Good reports on catching.  Although the normal gray or tan scuds were working, black wooly buggers, dark sculpin patterns, and holographic green cracklebacks seemed to be the best patterns. 

Jim and Stan both out Saturday.  Jim had Jim and his nephew, Danny out for half a day.  They are from Fayetteville, AR.  This was Danny first attempt at fly fishing, and Jim wanted Jim to show him the ropes….which he did.  Fish were a bit picky Saturday, but they picked up several fish on a size 12 olive sculpin, a size 16 gray scud and a size 18 gray sow bug.   Stan had Doc from Tulsa out for the day.  This was his annual birthday celebration trip.  Doc turned 78 this month.  Happy Birthday Doc!  They worked for them, but caught several fish on a size 18 burgundy midge under a size 18 Primrose & Pearl midge.  

After the fly tying clinic where we tied the Barr’s Copper John, Carolyn sneaked off for a little while and fished with Dawn from Louisiana.  We picked a few fish on various patterns, but couldn’t find anything consistent.  RedSan Juan worm, black wooly, size 16 red ass soft hackle (James Albert), holographic green crackleback and an olive filoplume.  One of the fishers on the bank was going well with olive filoplume fishing the riffles at the Rockin Chair area.  It was such a beautiful day, it would have been a great day even if we hadn’t caught one fish!  Not too many days on the water in January were it is in the 70s!

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