What Happened To Summer?

What a difference a day makes!  Day before Thanksgiving it was in the 70s.  Thanksgiving Day there was snow, light granted, but snow and temperatures in the 30s!  Today’s high is the low 40s and tomorrow predicted to be in the mid 50s with the same for Sunday.  By Monday, there is a chance of showers with temperatures again in the 50s.  Think Tuesday might be a bit cooler but sunny.  Must report that for the past seven days, they have run water every day except for six hours early Monday morning.  Otherwise, one to three generators have been running at the equivalent of one to two.  Some days, it is low enough you can wade in select places.

Darrell on the water last Monday.  He had Marlin and his son, Ross, from Louisiana.  They worked had but caught fish on the red and black midges.  Fly fishing was pretty much a new experience for both of them.

Tuesday, Carolyn had Ron and Kathy, also from Louisiana, out for the day.  Nothing competitive between these two.  Ron was ahead at the beginning of the day, but that was short-lived after lunch.  Kathy took the lead and kept on going.  We had a good day, but it certainly would have been an even better day had it not been for the wind.  Missed a lot of hits and lost a lot of fish while we were getting blown everywhere.  Good, fun day on the primrose & pearl midge which fished best under a size 12 UV gray scud.  As we got further down the river near Fall Creek, a dark roe egg pattern was the pattern for the afternoon.

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