Yes, The Projection Was Right….Water Off!

so far this weekend, they have followed their projection.  Water turned offaround 11 p.m. Friday night and stayed off until 2:00 yesterday afternoon.  The equivalent of one generator for five hours, then back off again.  It is off this morning and the projection is for the same pattern as yesterday.  Weather sunny and warm yesterday.  Predicting some rain today, probably this afternoon.

Hearing mixed reports on fishing.  Friday, it was a low two generators most of the day and people were catching fish in the Hatchery area on small, 16 and smaller, dark gray scuds and holographic green cracklebacks.  These were the two main ones we heard of.  Yesterday, one of the guys fishing the Rocking Chair area did well on the Primrose & Pearl midge fishing very shallow 15-17" on the edges of the banks where the fish were working.  Dark gray scuds were still a player in the Hatchery area.  Also heard from some fishers who were struggling.  Said it was "pretty tough".  Couple fishing sculpins and dark olive wooly buggers said they did well and were catching the nice fat fish.

Last Thuraday, Jim had Ray from Kansas, out all day.  They had a fun day on the size 14 ruby midge and a small gray scud.  Little tougher than normal; the fog stayed around longer than usual and the water level was fluctuating most of the day. 

Jim was out half a day with Chuck and his son, Collin, from Texas Friday.  These two are brand new to fly fishing, so Jim worked with them most of the morning on casting and line work.  Did hook some fish on the red midge and gray scud.  Must have been school day.  Gina was also on the water with a new fly fisher, Tom from Aurora.  Tom is Gina’s pharmacists and is going to Montana later this month.  Realized he better learn "the ropes" so he spent the morning with Gina learning the roll cast, pick up and lay down cast.  She also worked with him on handling a sinking line, stripping, mending and indicator fishing.  Think he is going to be ready for Montana.  Landed several fish, so he has worked on hooking and landing fish.  Have a great trip Tom!

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