Very Good Weekend So Far!

Water generation Friday and Saturday were pretty much as projected and the weather has been dry, for a change.  Now we can start complaining the other way.  Really a bit hot!  Got into the 90s both days  Today is supposed to be in the upper 80s with a chance of showers tomorrow.  Generation scheule has the equivalent of one generator running today from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. when it will be off the balance of the day.  That could be nice….some of that sunset fishing when the fish are coming up, and for those night fishers, definitely.

Jim on the water 1/2 a day with Mike from here in Branson.  They had a very good day on a size 18 black midge and a blood worm.  Mike is still pretty new at this sport, so they worked some on techniques again this trip. 

Saturday, Jim had Kurt from Kansas City out again.  Best flies were the rusty midge and a blood worm.  Kurt too, is fairly new to fly fishing so they also worked some one techniques.  Carolyn out with Virginia and Mary Ann from Springfield.  These gals just got started about two years ago, but have been out of it since then due to health issues.  Health issues under control so they are rearing to get back into the fling of fly fishing again.  They even came by the shop for some casting refresher before the trip.  We had a very good day on the Primrose & Pearl midge.  Worked with Virginia a little to get her started on new techniques, so we worked on stripping patterns.  She caught a few on the filoplume using the sinking leader, and a holographic green crackleback stripping it just under the surface.  Mary Ann stayed with her Primrose & Pearl and was definitely the "top dog" when it came to numbers, but Virginia’s "just one more fish before we go in" was the best of the day.  A beautiful, 19 inch, fat rainbow to the boat.,,,,,on the Primrose & Pearl. 

Fish are still fat and fisty.  Lots of fight even in a small one when you hook them.  Other patterns working for fishers in the Rocking Chair/Boat ramp area yesterday were an olive wooly bugger, size 18; purple midge; rusty midge; and the holographic green crackleback.  

Mary Ann – 6/5/10

Virginia’s 19 inch Rainbow


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