Yes, We Are Fishing High Water Again!

As I mentioned earlier, we received considerable rainfall over the past weekend.  This has resulted in Table Rock Lake rising to 918.7 Tuesday, but has dropped a little over the past few days.  We are now at 918.4.  This is due, of course, to running four generators 24/7 since Monday.  With no more rain, it will take several weeks to get the tailwater back to the 915.0 feet level.  We did not get the rain they had projected for today.  Still a possibility of some more tonight, but maybe we will be lucky.  After tomorrow morning, the sky looks like it will be blue with plenty of sunshine and warm (80s) temperatures through Thursday.

Jim had Glen and Mark from Louisiana on the water Tuesday.  They are both beginners and spend half a day learning how to cast, manage line, hook and play fish in the high water.  Good learning session and managed to bring some fish to the boat on the red midge with a pink San Juan worm dropper.  

Carolyn had Barbara and Richard out for half a day.  They fished with her on the same date last year.  Last time they were out, we had two generators going.  Before we finishedthat day, they had turned on three then four generators,  and the sky dumped a lot of rain on us.  This year, we had four genrators going and the sky was dumping some rain most of the day.  We did catch some fish on the big Ruby midge with and pink San Juan dropper and the red or pink San Juan with a tungsten bead tied in the middle of the fly . 

 Richard – 05/19/10

 Barbara -05/19/10

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