Another pretty day, but WINDY.  Table Rock is sitting at 915.6 and no rain in sight for a few days.  Unfortunately, Beaver is still holding 1124.2 feet.  At least it is not rising.  Projection for today is 125 mwh.  This will probably be done with four generators, but is less flow that we have been experiencing.  Earlier in the week, the cfs was at 14000.  At 125 mwh, it should be around 8500 cfs.  Not where we want it, but better.  They are releasing some out of Beaver today. 

Jim had Jim and Charlie, from Springfield, on the water yesterday morning.  Good day on the red midge and San Juan dropper.  Had once nice 18" heavy rainbow that took Charlie to the backing a couple times.  Bad news was the wind.  Blew them off anchor three times.  Tailwater level held pretty steady at 808.4.  Nice fishing two feet shallower water for a change.  Good quality fish, and steady fishing all morning and early afternoon.

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