Jayhawk Invasion!

Guess the generators off for six hours Friday morning was a fluke.  One or two generators continue to run 24/7, but they are keeping the tailwater level between 704 and 705 feet.  Today, they are running one generator, with the level at 704.5.  Dodged the bullet for rain Friday.  Looks like we are in for a week of party sunny (instead of mostly cloudy) and temperatures in the upper 60s and middle 70s.  Next possibility of rain not until Friday.

Friday we were invaded by the Jayhawk state.  A group of guys, lead by A.W. from Kansas, decided to do an endurance run down Taneycomo with Dana, Darrell and Jim.  It was a day of yelling, hooking, missing, and just plain fun for A.W., David, Adam, Brent, and Michael.  Good day on the water with the big ruby still the best producer. 

A.W. – 04/16/10

Adam – 04/16/10

Michael – 04/16/10

Brent – 04/16/10

A.W. – 04/16/10

Not sure what these two are doing!

 Jim was out with Dick and his son, Rich, from Delaware.  Caught fish on the red midge, gray scud and #16 red ass soft hackle.  Little problem they noticed while fishing was the algae and "gunk" that is starting to die out in this low water is breaking loose and causing some problems with keeping your flies clean.  Now we will be wanting them to kick up the generators to clear some of this out. 

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