Great Weather!

Weather continues to be great.  Sunshine, still a little breezy during the day, but no rain!  They are still generating 24/7, but have cut back the flow a little.  Instead of fishing 14000 cubic feet per second (cfs), we are only fishing in 6000-8500 cfs most of the time.  Table Rock is now at 915.2 with Beaver holding as 1124.2. 

Jim had Bob and Mary, from Jefferson City on the water Friday.  They had a great day and Mary caught the largest fish.  Bob said he caught the second largest.  Right Bob!  The red midge is still doing the job.  Even though the water fluctuated a lot during the time they were out, it fished steady.

Carolyn on the water all day with Mark and Frank from Richmond.  This couple took the two day school and I hink they were way ahead of the game or very quick learners.  Already had their knots down and Fran is throwing some nice tight loops with Mark getting a lot of line out.  We worked midges, streamers, soft hackles and a little bit on dries during the day.  This was Fran’s first trout on a fly rod and she caught several.  Although we tried matching the black and olive zebra midges early on, the color they wanted was the holographic red size 18 midge.   Between this and the olive filoplume.  Had a few hits on the golden variant sculpin and just a little action on the holographic green crackleback.  Most of the fish caught were nice and fat!  Good luck to these two fly fishers!  Hope they are a pair on the water for a long time.

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