Got Some Rain!

Got some rain, and by Friday evening, the Table Rock Lake level starting rising.  By early Sunday, it had gone up to 915.5.  So, guess what the generation schedule did.  Even though the projections were saying no generation Sunday or Monday, they turned on three generators Sunday and all four today to try and get rid of the new water coming into Table Rock.  Running some out of Beaver also today.  The Table Rock level is now down to 915.2.  We are making progress again.  Weather is clear until Thursday, when we have a chance of rain.  Temperatures will be in the 70s.

Gina and Carolyn left Thursday for Charleston, SC.  Hoped to do some red fish fishing while we were attending the International Women’s Fly Fishing Festival, but the same rain that came through Branson came through SC and we were cancelled due to high winds……maybe next time.   Thursday, Stan had Marvin from Indiana, and Richard from Kansas (member of Flatlanders Fly Fising Group) on the water for a half day.  They had a wonderful day.  Fished the red midge and a large black hackle, black thorax, red butt soft hackle on a sink tip line.  This was one of Marvin’s best days!  Dana was also out for half a day with Jim Houx from Warrensburg.  They had a good day on the red midge and a #12, olive bug-eyed bugger. 

Saturday, Darrell was out with Malcomb and Dan from the St. Louis area.  They caught some fish before the storms started rolling in and then it was head for the barn!!!

Sunday both Jim and Stan were out all day.  Jim had Sandy, from Kansas, out again.  She had a good day on the red midge, orange San Juan worm and a size 8 bug-eyed bugger.  Just put the boats in when two generators came on and about an hour latter, the third on came on.  Messed up the water a bit, but everyone caught fish.  Stan had Bob and Bill, also from Kansas, out.  They had a wonderful day on the big ruby midge.  Dana, and his guest, Jeff from here in Missouri, caught their fish on the #12 bug-eyed bugger, red midge and stripping the holographic green crackleback.  Would have caught even more if they had a hook on their fly at one time!

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