Fishing Good!

Weather is still great.  Sun is shining, not too much wind, and the water is much lower.  Level stayed between 704 and 705 feet most of the yesterday.  Guides out said they saw land they hadn’t seen for a while.  Projection for today is the same for both weather and generation pattern.  Table Rock is at 914.9 and Beaver is still holding at 1124.2.   We are even seeing waders in the water again!  At 704 feet, there are definitely places to wade.  Gina sent Rick, from Concordia to the Rocking Chair area with the #16 red midge and olive wooly bugger.  He caught fish and is really impressed with the Taneycomo fishery.

Jim was out all day Monday and half of yesterday with Sharon and Craig, from Illinois.  Craig is a fly fisher, and Sharon was learning the "ropes" or "line" .  They had a couple of good outtings with some nice quality fish (nice term for fat!).  The red midge, black midge and orange San Juan were used yesterday.  Missed a lot of fish as the takes were very soft.  Tuesday the red midge and the size 18 black midge were the best patterns.   Sharon was getting the casting and line work down and think she might just become a fly fisher!

Stan had Jim, from Virginia, out for half a day Tuesday.  Jim fished many years ago when he was young and while he was stationed in the Air Force up in Alaska.  Decided it was time to get back into fly fishing and came by to see us.  Got some good time in on Taneycomo and caught lots of fish.  Little more practice and he’ll feel like he never laid the fly rod down.  Their best patterns were the big ruby with the size 18 ruby dropper, the holographic green crackleback, and on the float out, they dropped the burgundy midge from the big ruby and caught several on this pattern. 

The couple, Fran and Mark, who took the 2-day school Friday and Saturday forwarded some of their pictures, so I have to include Fran, with her first fish on a fly rod, and Mark with one of his catches of the day.

Fran – 4/10/10

Mark – 4/10/10

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