Beautiful Day!

It is so gorgeous in the Ozarks right now!  Drifting down the river, you can see the red buds, dogwood, cherry blossom trees in full bloom dotting the hill sides.  Sunny, still windy, but warm days.  All we need is some low water and it would be perfection!  Table Rock is now down to 915.7 and they have cut back the generation flow slightly.  Instead of fishing in 710 feet, we are now in 707 to 708 feet.  Makes a difference! 

Stan on the water yesterday afternoon with a couple guys from up north, Ken and Bob.  They had a very good day on the big Ruby with the pink San Juan dropper, but especially on the holographic green crackleback.  Can’t believe it but both of them were complaining about being worn out from catching fish!?!  One of them even called back today to let us know his arm was sore.  Oh well!

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