April Fools Was the Day!

Yes, they turned off the flood gates on April 1.  They got the fourth generator repaired, up and running, so now they are just running the four generators.  Projection is four all day.  Imagine they will run something constantly until Table Rock gets back to at least power pool, 915.0 feet.  Expecting rain this afternoon into tonight, but the forecasters say it will be out of here by midnight and we will have sunny days until another chance for rain on Wednesday.

Fishing has been good.  Jim was on the water Wednesday with Bob from Louisiana.  Bob is a salt water fly fisher and throws some line.  They caught fish on the red midge with the orange San Juan dropper, and the light olive bug-eyed bugger.  Bob had a little problem when he first start, with the softer takes of a trout compared to the fish he is used to fishing for. 

By Thursday, when Bob went out with Stan for a full day, he recognized the trout take.  They had great day on the holographic green crackleback and a size 18 black midge.  Jim, had his regular, regular, Bud, out for half a day.  They pulled some nice fish on the red midge, size 18 black midge and the bugger.


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