Young Fly Fisher

Sorry to say, generation has been constant since Thursday morning.  For the most part, they are only running two generators, but the levels are ranging from 706 down to 703.5.  If you find a place to wade, remember this as they don’t necessarily sound the horn if they already have two generators going and want to raise the level from 704 to 706.  Beautiful sunny days both Thursday and Friday.  Of course we have to save the worst weather for the weekend!  Rain predicted for most of today and at least the early part of tomorrow.  We’ll probably see sunny skies for the first of the week.

Darrell on the water yesterday with Olen and his seven year old son, "Olie" from Oklahoma.  They were out for half a day and Olie stuck with it and even caught a fish on his fly rod.  They did have a good day on the holographic green crackleback and a size 10 pattern tied with red thread at the butt, then black thread forward for the body and thorax with a couple wraps of black hackle at the head.  They stripped both these patterns in the seams.

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